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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

TMI Tuesday – February 14, 2017

A Good Snoggin for all

Hey! Very busy Monday here. These questions were actually done this morning but I had no time to post. Enjoy…let’s do this TMI Tuesday!

Choices, Bonds & Significant Others

1. Are you “in love” with your significant other or are you simply compatible.
Scientist claim that being “in love” only last within the first six months of a relationship.
Being a googly eyed romantic I am always in love with my significant other. Otherwise they would not be as significant. But my current S.O. is extra special because of her beauty, grace, sensitivity, and she is one randy foul mouthed wench at precisely the perfect times. The perfect kindergarten teacher, hooker combo. Compatibility is an ongoing process but who has time for that with all this snoggin going on for the past three years.
2. Do you solve problems with your significant other (s.o.) or are you the real and only problem solver.
A relationship has a stronger bond when both people in the relationship work toward resolving issues whether it be with kids, finances, management of home, etc.
Since we are both problem creators who has time for solving with all this snoggin going on. 
3. If you live with your s.o. do you both do chores and have equal amount of chores in the household?
Research shows resentment mounts in couples who have an imbalance in household chore duties.
Do not live with my S.O. and when we are together  who has time for chores after lots and lots o snoggin. Plenty of time for laundry when we are not snoggin. Keep in mind there are chores and there are chores and her insatiable desire for me to skull snog her keeps me from worrying about a dirty dish or two until she has gone home.
4. Is your relationship meaningful to you for companionship or is it personally fulfilling?
Marriage in the U.S.A. has changed over time from being for survival (home, food), tocompanionate love during most of the 20th Century, to 1960s to present being about personal fulfillment.
Seeing as I am the pitcher she is always being filled and I feel completely fulfilled. Companionship and quiet moments are shared after we are both all snogged out.
5. In general do people think of you as a “couple” with your s.o. or do they connect with you individually just as much as a connecting with you as a couple. (Do you feel you’ve lost your individuality since being in a serious romantic relationship?)
We both are "the cheese stands alone" types except when couples appearances are in order. We both have led long and separate lives and keep our social entanglements to a minimum. 
Bonus: You are invited to a large cocktail party at a fancy country club where you know no one. When you arrive, the room where the party is being held is already half full of people–naked people. How do you react when you enter the room?
When in Rome.... 
Off course since that has never happened to me my initial reaction is purely speculative. I guess it would depend on what this crowd looked like. Extreme star power or beastie power might change my response. A combo platter would be my preference.
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Happy TMI Tuesday!
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