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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

TMI Tuesday: December 13, 2016

TMI Tuesday: December 13, 2016

Sex is life. Yes, you heard that right here at TMI Tuesday blog.
1. Have you ever tested someone’s love for you? What did you do? Did things turn out as you expected or hoped?
No. But I have placed a few on double secret probation. But then they bake me cookie, blow me, and everything is alright again.
2. Select the answer that best fits your experience. I have dated:
a. all the wrong people
b. romantic companions that were mostly a good fit for me.

c. people that were perfect fits–loves at first sight
Then things usually go downhill quickly from there or I am in for the duration. Anywhere from three to fourteen years. Presently nearing the three year mark.

d. not all that much, I mainly have had a lot of long term relationships
3. Online dating: What is your success rate? What do you consider success?
I went on one online date. I think that is all I need to say about my success rate and satisfaction in that venue.
4. What sexual thing do you do most often that you could commit to doing everyday?
Good bad or indifferent it is always electric so I will go for being with a new woman the first time. (Inappropriate joke follows) I am looking forward to Alzheimer's.
5. What are your thoughts on love and lust?
To often it seems I am in love with one who is in lust or in lust with someone who is in love. Now about that cookie?
Bonus: Are you searching for love or are you searching for attention?
They are so very intertwined so instead of answering I will have to sit here and eat my cookie quickly because you know what's cumming next.

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