Tuesday, August 23, 2016

TMI Tuesday: August 23, 2016

TMI Tuesday: August 23, 2016

It’s TMI Tuesday. Express yourself.
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1. Do you want a divorce or to leave your present romantic relationship?

No. Like all romantic relationships it is a mix of joy, fear, lust, patience, preparing, consuming, consummating, cleaning, worrying, listening, watching, going, and cumming. A divorce would eliminate both the good and the bad in all those shared pursuits.

2. Do you think your relationship needs couples therapy?

We haven't hit any snags that we could not solve with our fingers lips and pleasant frictions and intimacies. I have found her very therapeutic and we are a couple so we are getting plenty of therapy on a more regular basis than I have had for a while. Therapy Schmerapy. That being said if my dear one suggested it I would go quick like a bunny. 

3. If your relationship needs fine-tuning, what would you do to tweak it?

Timing is everything. So if she could allow her orgasms to build longer and if I could cum sooner we might be more synchronous. She comes so fast and furious and often, most times when I am ready to unpack the goods, that it delays me even longer.  So we fuck on and on much to the neighbor's annoyance. 

Now I forget. Why do I want to tweak this. 

Never mind.

4. Is your relationship over or are you just in a bad phase? How long has the bad phase lasted so far?

It is never a bad phase when I am with her. We have our problems, mostly the kind we create for ourselves and inflict on each other, but the universe is a phase shifter so if we don't like this phase just check back in an hour. 

Something will happen. Something different.

5. What kind of relationship do you envision will make you happy?

Why the perfect one of course. Blow jobs on demand and my house in a constant state of order and cleanliness. Batting 500 is good in Major League Relationships, so I am as happy as a pig in fecal material.

6. Are you seeing someone new?

Yes I am. Even though we have been lovers for two years every time we embrace it is new. I have known this sweet person almost all my life. When I hold her it is like holding the college student, the young woman, the married lady, the determined divorcee, the professional insurance professional, the wild punk rock party girl, the horny vixen, the animal lover, and the most generous woman I know all rolled into my arms as the beautiful blond package I adore. Every now with her is new and every now is special.
Bonus: What major regret do you have so far in your life? Is it too late to change it?

I would have opened my eyes and really noticed what was going on all around me every second sooner.
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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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