Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Life At The Sentient Bean - The Eternal Work In Progress

Where are you Fang Fang Wu?

 She was a driver for Golden Labrador Retrieval Waste and Recycle , and was thumping a dumpster into the hopper, humming Bang a Gong in the key of “O”, when she turned around and saw me smoking a cigarette at the back door of the “Sentient Bean”

She whistled through the gap in her front teeth and exclaimed in the unforgivable voice of hers,

 “Well slap my ass and call me Sally “

  1. Police
  2. Casino
  3. Sally
  4. Bannister
  5. Mediatrix
  6. Braking Ugly
  7. Suite Fang Fang Wu
  8. Night of the Living Drunks
  9. Fish on the Brain
  10. Randy
  11. Gaping Maw

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