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Friday, August 21, 2015

Notes-The Mill

One look at the photograph taken in the early morning does not do the story justice. There I was. There was Jim. There was Lynn also on the far side of me. Sam was front and center, as he likes it, with me peering around him leaning on the bar. There was my cleavage pressing into Sam's arm. I had his bicep in my boobs grasp.That was the night I got what I had longed for. This night also drove home the words, “be careful what you wish for”.

My frustration had reached new heights that very day. Why is it the men I do not want peering at my breasts are always leering, while the man I want to show them off to would always speak to me eye to eye. I had never even caught Sam sneaking a peek. What I did not realize is just how sneaky he really was. But he is a man. Now he is my midnight Sam.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Notes - Pass Around Joy

Parked in the forest preserve with Beverly and I in the front seat, Reno and Joy in the back, while The Nanny was waiting impatiently at her work place for me to pick her up after theater practice.

I don't know why I always do this.

Well. Yes I do.

I fell in love way too young.

I stayed in love way too young.

Yet I wanted to partake of the strange and varied fruits that were out in the world.

Few were stranger or unusual as Beverly.

Still fewer were as bountiful as Joy.

There was much thrashing, smacking, and gnashing going on in the deep pool of blackness behind the front seat of my 1966 Pontiac Bonneville. Meanwhile I was awash in the moist resplendence and tossing throes between Beverly’s cheeks and tongue.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Notes-The Mill

I used to feel bad for some of the poor dears who became flustered when I bestowed my bounty on them. The gift of my big beautiful girls. I could always tell the ones who were accustomed to a thin strapped single clasped bra. Some were even foolish enough to search the front for release. Sweat would form on their dear flustered brows when faced with my full metal four clasp behind the back brassiere regalia.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Notes - Pass Around Joy

I put on side one of “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd and watched approvingly as the Nanny sprawled out on the floor level mattress with her long legs splayed for comfort.

Nanny had legs that made grown men burst into tears just watching her walk by, but here tonight with the silly knee socks of the nanny uniform she was like some Mary Poppins meets Catholic school girl mash-up. Her sipping a beer, limbs all akimbo, ensconced on my bed as the music rose had me set down my beer and drop slowly between her knees. My hand traced gently over her knee as she said, “If you are a good boy I’ll leave the socks on.”

She knew me too well.