Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekend Writing Warriors 03/16/14

Weekend Writing Warriors / #8sunday / 03/16/14

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors! Sign up below with your name, blog and email and share an 8-sentence snippet of your writing on Sunday. Your post needs to be live between 12:00 noon on Saturday 03/15/14 and 9:00 AM on Sunday 03/16/14. Visit other participants on the list and read, critique, and comment on their 8sunday posts. 

Spread the word. Twitter hashtag #8sunday.

Life at the Sentient Bean / Casino


The last time I saw Fang Fang Wu she was physically and verbally assaulting a slot machine. At four foot eleven you may think  the Fangster would be easy to trifle with. That would be a serious miscalculation. But ask any slot machine, or dealer, car or otherwise and they will turn pale at the mention of this little force of nature.  Once her cold black eyes caught you, caught you were. Well I had to try to wrestle her away from the machine, because management was moving in the forces to stop her from trying to rip the arm off of the one armed bandit, but she knew it was payday and she was there to collect.

At this point she had mounted the machine and seemed to be trying to hump a payoff out of the machine while gibbering in what she claimed was her native tongue. I could never confirm nor deny that fact. 

WeWriWa guidelines

Sunday 9 AM EST, your WeWriWa/8sentence post must be what appears when the linky link is clicked.

Your WeWriWa intro/greeting and 8 sentence excerpt must be at the top of the post--nothing before.

Eight sentences for the story excerpt, please.

For poetry, limit the word count to 150 words.

A link back to must be included visibly on the page.

Promotions for your own books, book release announcements, music videos, awards, personal photos, announcements, news and videos etc. are permitted after the 8 sentence excerpt.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Petey's Stoopid Thought For The Day

Sentience is transient , whereas my sentences can run on and on and on and on... ad infinitum.

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