Friday, July 2, 2010

Peter Planet

        Yet the Planets gravity was inescapable. There was something I needed there. We went out on dates. I pursued the Planet. We formed, after a long and intermittent courtship, a relationship. We worked in the same industry, knew the same people, and ran in the same circles. We seemed to enjoy each others company. We became a couple.

We seemed to share many of the same values. Spent more and more time together. I had found the same feelings, only more committed, that I had once shared with Rene. Dare I say it. I had found love again. There. The romantic in me has come out. I said it now, and I professed it then.

But I was not yet ready to give up some of my late night wanderings. The Planet was still small, light and young. I had developed other duskier, heavier, and more energetic appetites.

Planets laugh.... inhaled abruptly like a mad asthmatic child of eight gasping for life yet enjoying every forced inhalation like a one year stored orgasm of an eighteen year old boy  losing it before completing the long anticipated docking maneuver.

The Planet had plans of her own. Do I think it was all planned out or was it just general sloppiness in life.  Always so many things to do, places to go in the city. A well employed couple with time to have fun, time to work, time play and money to spend. How far ahead did the Planet really plan. That is something the Planet only knows. But I courted the Planet in earnest and with passion. As the courtship continued my other  women friends, who were used to my rather spontaneous visits would welcome me on the occasions  I showed at their doors and never ask about the passing of time. After all ,no promises had been made. The Planet received my time. The others received my lust. The Planet received my tenderness. The others received the harder parts of me. As I think back I must have believed myself to be....

Peter Planet

       Penis so big it too has its own gravitational field. Attracts many heavenly bodies that are compelled to spin around it and then on to it. Decaying orbits have never been so much fun.

But the memory of one in the hand and three in the bush inevitably brings me to the fond reminiscences of...

 Lavergne's Tits

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