Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nancy Nocome

What was it like fucking the planet. Well the first time was in her apartment. She was the messiest woman I had ever seen. Sloppy big titted girl. No where near Lavergnes massive orbs, but large, soft, and very pliable. The planet still had a waist and when she rode on top it was oh so pleasant. The planet had knees that could bend and she could ride me like a little fuck monkey at that time. Of course after our first bout she went in to the bathroom , walked out with a wet washrag and dropped it on my cock I guess I should have questioned just how tender and affectionate  she would be in the long haul. But then who knew how long that hall would be.

To come in the planet was always a messy affair. Of that there is no doubt. But come I did. While  I was dating the Planet that was always very satisfying. Especially when I would drop in on the Planet after a session with Nancy Nocome.   I call her that not because she never came but because I never came while with her.

Probably not much to mention in the way of a relationship although we did work together. Lavergne worked there as well so there was never a dull moment. Went home with her a few times. More often we spent quality time in my car in the parking lot across from where we worked. I don't think we ever really fucked to conclusion anywhere we were. Hers or mine. She would always interrupt. Later I found she had a female condition which might have made fucking painful for her. I would like to say it was because of the enormity of my prodigious appendage but I would  be spinning  quite the yarn there. She was short, carried some pounds, soft medium size tits that were always sensitive and delightful. Best memory of her was her smile and very blond hair with her blue eye's looking up at me as she took my cock in her mouth. I don't think she ever finished a blow job either. Strange time with her always. Big decision was whether to visit Janet Planet or Lavergne next. Because of our constantly unfinished business is why I always felt compelled to proceed to the next womanly delicacy. Best I can say is at least they were the beneficiaries of some powerful pent up energy.


      But how the Planet turns.

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