Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Looming Indiana

        So what to do when you’re a thirty three year old professional who has a knocked up girlfriend. We had discussed living together. I was having the growing fear of being a 50 year old cripple, no family, no kids. Still living alone. I had always had a problem with commitment. Hell I had an eleven year emotional cul-de-sac with Rene. Sure we were young. Sure our careers took us in separate directions. Sure I was maimed in a car accident while we were together. But she stuck with me through the tough times. But I never asked Rene to marry me. Don't even know if she would have. When we took up together in our teens she didn't bargain on an a mono-ped, footless and fancy free, twenty year old husband with who knows what complications to follow.

But now there was going to be a child. My child. Our child. The Planet was to create a little moon out of our combined genetic material. Just what those little strands of DNA contained was as much a mystery then as was the South Shore line and Indiana to me at the time. But all such thing do reveal themselves in due time.

Up until this moment I had always tried to save and conserve resources. To be honest I never had had many resources to save. I had lived sparingly with my assets. Now I was becoming extravagant, or so I thought at the time. My extravagances at this point were nothing compared to the debacle to come once I followed the Planet down the South Shore snake that lead to the wilds of Indiana. Soon I would learn that the Planet could squander earthly resources on a scale that I could not even imagine.

The Planet laughed like the choked back yelp Rene made the first time I entered her virginal young blond fringed body in the sweaty attic that was my teenage room.

Now to say that it was some of the happiest and busiest and heady time in my life would be an understatement. It seems like I had it all. To me I couldn't have asked for a better or more wonderful wedding. The planet was born to organize  festivities and she blossomed in the role. The organizational and taste with which it was all executed was phenomenal. I knew the planet was indeed the right choice. Had I finally done something right. Had I finally made the right turn down my life's path. Had I finally chosen the right partner for the rest of life's journey. I truly believed I had.

Where it all would lead was anyones guess. It was just important that the planet and I were together. But lead to Indiana . That was a prospect I had never even contemplated.

But that was all to end . And it did. The minute it was clear the Planet was to release a satellite. Planet must be cared for.

Caring for the Planet

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