Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Now Rene Abuduh, the planets predecessor. Younger, prettier, smarter than the Planet. In many ways a force to be reckoned with all her own, Youthful, wild as all teenage girls are. Still a child , yet coming to terms with her own womanhood and sexuality. But truly a party animal. Not conflicted with her youthful past as the planet was because we both existed in her youthful past. My youthful past. It should never be mistaken that Rene morphs into the Planet. Two very distinct and separate entities. Never to meet. What would ever happen to the universe if these two bodies would meet. What would be the consequences.

Tall, small breasted, large shapely behind that was underutilized and under appreciated by the younger me. 

My family always liked Rene. For why I can't be sure. When asked what caused our split I would have to attribute numerous factors. One being that we just plain grew apart, coupled with my work schedule which at times only allowed a few hours of sleep a night and her teaching career which allowed much more free time. Also my serious maiming that happened a few years before might not be something an attractive twenty three year old women would want to have to deal with the rest of her life. However she stuck with me through the worst of it and for that I shall always be grateful. Actually Always Grateful is kind of my middle name.

So Rene exited stage left never to be seen again.

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