Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Professional

I always wondered if there was anything I could have done to change that, because I know I didn't do much at the time. Another of my many "what was I thinking moments". Now I was staring down Indiana. Only I still didn't know it

So I gave all to the immutable laws of commerce as creatively as I could. I set to amass money, cash, investments. With a life devoted entirely to work. Well almost. Time was spent at work , resting, or wasting time in the clubs and night time haunts searching for what I am not sure. Peace of mind . Hardly to be found in such places. For the most part I avoided entanglements
Sure there was the late night adventure with a fine slender women with her passed out boyfriend in the next room. I could hardly forgive my self as my hands caressed her tiny behind, moving her sweet moist enveloping lips into the optimal position for a proper side to side ride. For now I was in the embrace of women. Not like the sturdy Eastern European stock from the catholic schools. Girls I had madly groped on their parents back stairs in my younger days. Or my Rainbow girl, under my favorite tree in the park, endlessly kissing and fitting our young bodies together to maximize pleasurably frictions. Of course when the weather got cold my Rainbow dumped me for an older boy with a Firebird. I moved on from such things with the eleven years of growing up, growing together, and then apart with Rene. 

Now it was variety I craved, and what a delightful variety there is in this marvelous city. I worshiped at all shapes and sized altars in those years. How I did enjoy servicing those women. Adult encounters invariably led to the complete immersion and entwining of our naked bodies in apartments and homes through out the city. No more back stairs, or trees in the park for me. 

I was a professional.

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