Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Planet

Janet Judith Planet

Now The Planet is so large she has her own gravitational field.

Plowing blindly through space absorbing all resources and recourses that get in her way. Although what she sup supped up does leave their marks on the planet, still she spins tirelessly through space. Constantly absorbing, never giving back much to the universe or the space she fills. Very selfish, looks out for herself, and is reborn. The Planet is the center of this universe. Of course. How could it be otherwise.

Janet's laugh.
Very memorable. Like.......

More on that latter.

Yet the planet started small. Not to small. Like many things with the planet, getting involved with her seemed like a good idea . My career had been prosperous, but my life was lacking. First met the planet shortly after Rene Abuduh was out of my life. I was in no hurry for involvement or orbiting. The planet was young. I was busy. The planet was attached. I was not. The planet was skinny, all breasts and big blue eyes under short cropped hair. I was bloated and beat. But we found each other in that crowded industry party bar. I was ready, on the rebound. She was almost ready. We would meet again after a few more orbits and some life travels. We parted with a final kiss that night.

I would not escape that easily.

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