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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

TMI Tuesday: Oct 25, 2016

Get real. Spill. It’s TMI Tuesday!

How’s it going–you know,
your relationship?

1. How did you realize an important relationship (romantic, friendship, business) was over?
When I came home and found all her stuff was gone.
 What was the pivotal moment or statement?
Since I am generally clueless and live in the credo of, everything is okay until it isn't, I can state with the utmost certainty that I do not recall any one statement or any one moment. Just the long painful misdirection of intentions and attentions.
2. Relationship strategy–do you have one? Share.
It ranges from constant worry, adoration, and sorrow; to out of sight, out of mind. Circumstances and characters vary. 
Disclaimer ... Past performance may not be indicative of future results
3. Name two things you appreciate about your current relationship. Why are these things significant? (If not currently in a relationship, feel free to refer to your best relationship)
Her openness and willingness to talk about sex and desires and the resultant richer and more satisfying sex life we enjoy together.
4. In your relationship, do you compromise:

a. a little
I always remember that no good deed goes unpunished and the giver rarely feels the good deed is appreciated to it's fullest value by the recipient.

b. never – I usually get my way
c. too much, it helps keep the peace
5. If you went to couple’s therapy, which of these are you most likely to have a need to discuss:
a. My significant other feels more like a roommate.
b. Sex is uncomfortable.
c. My partner doesn’t know what I like in bed.
d. “Forget sex! We barely touch.”
e. We both have so much baggage that we need help unpacking it.  I'll start at the beginning Doc. I was born of a cold wind blown winters eve and she was born on a sweltering August night in blood and fury......
Bonus: Below is a list of extreme sports. You must pick one sport to try. Why would you do that sport?

1. skydiving
I would enjoy the feeling of free falling to the earth in search of my Aristotelian proper place and feel the exhilaration of redemption when my chute opens.

2. volcano diving
3. zip-lining through a jungle
4. bungee jumping
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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

TMI Tuesday: October 18, 2016

TMI Tuesday: October 18, 2016

Hello world! Guess what we are talking about this week at TMI Tuesday?
1. Good sex can be something I will be secretly smiling about for years to come at the most inappropriate times imaginable.
2. Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you in a very flimsy white jumpsuit with nothing else beneath, it's buttons open to your navel, a parachute, and my little Burro Pepe .
3. Being present and accounted for is all about putting pleasure back into sex.
4. Excessive use of pornography can distort expectations of what sex in real life should or could be like.

a. True: If what you want is what politicians , business men (and women), corporations, and advertisers are selling you; might as well jump in bed with what the pornographers are selling as well.

b. False: Very desirable and aesthetically pleasing people with physical forms you may or may not ever share a bed, desk, couch, or pasture with giving you erotic inspirations to share with your beloved ones when appropriate; only furthers a mentoring model for fulfilling our secret desires.
Care to expound?  Clearly define "excessive" for you and your intended partner. Once clarified step right up.

5.Your willingness to communicate verbally as well as physically boosts my sexual performance. The look on your face when you cum loud and long boosts my sexual enjoyment.
Bonus:  What is the last way that you experienced sexual pleasure? Although it was in the missionary position I worked you long, deep, and hard enough for your legs to finally spread wide  enough amid your thigh clenching climaxes for my balls to become coated and slathered from dipping into your savory soup du jour tureen.
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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Bonneville Redux.

When I got back to my car both Joy and Reno radiated petulance, but since it was my car and I was doing them a favor I just ignored it. Reno’s house was closest and since they were obviously done neither of them complained about me dropping Reno off first.

When Reno exited I could not help but notice Joy’s very obvious display of indifference to his departure.

It had been a busy night indeed and when Joy climbed over the seat and parked her very pleasing derriere in the front seat I had a feeling it might get busier. Joy was in very tight jeans and the sight of her snug round behind was enticing considering the considerable teasing Bwanna had  given my somewhat awakened and unrequited ardor of the eve.

Joy was at my side now and like a bolt of lightning it struck me. Little did I realize that this lightening would be striking me over and over again for the rest of my life. In between paying close attention to the traffic more and more my eyes drifted to Joy in silhouette at my side. Her long frizzy Janis Joplin hair and large round glasses to match. Soft pleasing features with soft round cheeks, which were often flushed and rosy. I thought how attentive she was to me during rehearsals, in between her crew duties, and scene changes while I was backstage awaiting my cue. It finally made it’s way through my thick skull that she had been spending that time with me and not Reno. Could it be?

We came to a stop light and I looked over at her. In the half dusk of car interior and street lights combo my eyes were drawn from her sweet face down to the parted white blouse and cleavage formed by two immense perfect breasts. Certainly the largest breasts that any woman has sported in that passenger seat while I was driving. Thoughts of Rene’s spare, though quite delectable boob allotment went through my mind. Satisfying, but always left me longing for more substance to maneuver and fondle through our lovemaking. I knew it was just the longing to experience other fruits that made me wonder what abundance well beyond a handful or a mouthful would offer. I had limited experience in various depths and durations with other larger and differing tits. Some pleasing. Some not so much depending on outcomes, situations, temperaments, and availability. But clearly at this point in my life, if my perceptions of Joy’s pheromonal, hormonal, and behavioral signals was correct: a backseat, or front seat encounter with Joys bounty did not seem out of the question. It  would be an extraordinary first for me. But I did not want to make assumptions. Not now. Not ever. Nor did I want to miss out on an experience that could lead to the beginning of something, possibly the end of something else, or if nothing else memories of moments that would warm me in many long cold winters that, if I was lucky, were to come.

I know I was highly charged from my staircase tango with Bwanna, but it was hard to tell if I would be the closing act for the Reno show tonight. As if reading my mind Joy filled in one blank for me.

“Reno is such a jerk!”

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

TMI Tuesday: October 4, 2016

Tmi Tuesday: October 4, 2016

TMI Tuesday time. Answer these interesting questions adapted from Red Lipstick Project’s Sexual IQ test.

1. You want to make love, but your partner says they’re too tired:
A. You’re annoyed and frustrated.
B. It’s a bummer, but you understand they’ve had a long day.
Not to mention the sexual energy build up in the delayed gratification. Being the horny little bunny that she is; a geezer like me can use a few hours off. I think she demurs on purpose because when I do deliver a load after a respite it is much more voluminous and intense. 

C. You give your partner an awkwardly long hug and say you’re happy to wait. It’s better when you’re both into it.
D. You get nervous and worried. Maybe your partner is cheating or doesn’t think you’re attractive anymore.
2. Who is having better sex? You or your best friends?
A. I am, obviously.
Now! For many years I know that wasn't the case. Making up for lost time I guess.

B. We don’t talk about our sex lives. Ever.
C. We all have our good times and bad times. We don’t usually compare.
D. My friends have all the good sex. I can’t keep up.
3. How do you feel right after sex?
A. Sweaty and ready to shower. A little gross.
B. Satisfied and energized. Ready to take on the world.
C. Calm and happy, falling asleep.
I might also add, spent, twisted, and smoking with extra sweaty and satisfied.

D. A bit let down and tired.
4. Which is better? Being a man or woman?
A. Men have it so much easier
B. Women have it so much easier
C. I’m having too much fun being me to worry about it.
But to each their own cross to bear. So taking turns baring them can be highly therapeutic.

D. Is there really much of a difference?
5. You and your partner had sex that wasn’t that good. You:
A. Don’t say anything. Everyone has an off day.
B. Complain or drop hints that things better improve.
C. Consider whether you should break up. Sex is the glue to a good relationship.
D. Discuss it immediately and see if there is anything you should be doing differently.
E. Not good sex? If the sex was consensual I find the concept "not good" null and void.
5. What advice do you wish you had when you started having sex?
A. Sex is a great thing–healthy and fun.
And the womens like it too.

B. A proper tour of the reproductive parts as errogenous zones and not from a biology point of view. Bodies are really strange and getting to know them can be awkward.
C. Sex is a beautiful thing but be careful to protect your body from STD’s and pregnancy or you won’t have as much fun.
D. Enjoy sex while you can, because it gets worse as you get older.
BonusWhat will your sex life be like when you’re 70 years old?
A. I can’t imagine having sex when I get wrinkly.
B. Probably a little sex here and there.
C. Hopefully my years of knowledge and hard work in the bedroom will pay off when I am having good sex in my 70’s.
D. Since I am having more and better sex than ever before I can only hope that the bell curve is a figment of statisticians imagination. Meanwhile, once more dear friend into the breach!
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Happy TMI Tuesday!