Tuesday, August 9, 2016

TMI Tuesday: August 9, 2016

TMI Tuesday: August 9, 2016

Let’s get goofy

Hi. Answer the questions below as always. Most of these are questions from famous advertisements. I don’t know how universal the ads or questions are, so if you have some famous advert questions from The U.K. or Canada or anywhere submit them forTMI Tuesday. You don’t have to know the ad to give great answers. Have fun, get goofy.
1. Whasssssuuuupppppp?
Your buuuuuuuuuuuuuuutt
2. Where’s Waldo?
Up your mama's dress.
3. The best part of waking up is?
With a strange kinky slut.
4. Got Milk?
Or did I just cum on your face?
5. Have you driven a Ford lately?
Yep and I left it for someone to Find On the Road Dead.
6. What would you do for a Klondike bar?
I thought you asked what will I do with this Klon Dike Bar. Now buns up deary.
7. Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?
Why yes. Yes I do. In my pants.
8. Do you Yahoo?
No, but I frequently do Yippee.
Bonus:  Is a picture worth a thousand words? Elaborate.

After my  exercise and belligerent responses to the TMI quest this Tuesday I will indulge myself and share this.

I once saw a photo post of a "MySpace" (yes My Space) acquaintance and her enticing photo caused me to post these thousands words.  

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

The first time I saw Cindy she was across the room at an exhibition of my good friends large format photography. She was admiring the work titled “Dead Geese”.  The information card next to the photo told the story and it was a beautiful photograph. Cindy, like many were drawn to the picture which conjures the wings of an angel as natural sunlight streams through the barn slats playing off the goose down to create a diffuse otherworldly glow.  But my eyes were drawn to another vision.  She was wearing a simple print dress accented with a bold splash of color on a scarf mantled loosely about her delicate neckline. The entire effect made the most of her spectacular red hair which framed Cindy's sensual lips, azure eyes, and delicate visage creating a harmony of visual delights. The way the fabric clung to her frame gave testament  of a delicious bounty of feminine curves on her lithe frame. This was a woman of presence.

Since I was tending bar for this occasion I could not go and introduce myself. I was working at the largess of my oldest and best friend, the large format photographer whose work was being featured at this showing. We had been friends since grade school. When I was at the top of my game I had been of assistance to his struggling career, now he was returning the service. Of course as old friends I don’t think either of us saw it as favors, rather an opportunity to maintain our lifetime friendship. I wasn’t much of a bartender, but gallery crowds tend to be of the wine and simple mixed drink mind so I was passing that night.

Since bar traffic was low this also gave me plenty of time to drink in Cindy as she flowed about the room. Here was a woman that was comfortable with herself. You could see it in her movements and interactions with the others. Her voice and laughter were intoxicating when she lingered near enough to my station to be heard. Occasionally I was caught watching her with more intensity than the hired help ought to. But when our eyes met and held she began walking towards the bar for the first time I could not take my eyes off of her as she slowly crossed the room. Best visuals offered me in a long, long, long time.

Cindy looked me up and down and fixed her gaze on me with puckish eyes, smiled, and ordered some incomprehensible cocktail which I had never heard of. The confused look on my face must have been the giveaway. She didn’t torment me long.  She gave me a smile and laughed.
“Not much of a bartender, are you?”

From her countenance I knew she was playing with me. Mercifully Cindy let me off the hook and ordered a simple vodka and was kind enough to stay at the bar so I could watch her look up at me with colorfully adorned eyelids and take a sip.

“Mmm,”  she said with a purr as her lips slowly left the glass and her tongue glided across both her  lips and glass rim seductively. I thought she took one last peek to see if I was watching as she walked away. I was treated to the sheer poetry of the most perfect derriere sheathed in the light fabric of her dress which accented the subtle flow  underneath. I was snapped back to reality by the order of a, “White wine please.”

I turned smiling having recognized Jenny's voice, the photographer’s wife and dear friend as well. “So what did you think of my friend Cindy?” she asked.

“Extraordinary” was all I felt needed to be said. Jen gave me that knowing smile that old friends share.

As the evening wore on I was pleased to catch glimpses of this extraordinary lady, but the best thing was that she was still there mingling with the guests, photographer, and Jenny as I was closing down the bar and cleaning up my area. From the snippets of conversation I overheard when Cindy was near I could tell she knew the art of photography well.

But I never expected to find her still there when I returned to the gallery from storing the last of the bar keeping implements. I was elated to see she was still among the small group of close friends and family that had remained after the gallery closing. When she saw me enter she engaged me once again with her eyes. Since I was to say my goodbyes to the evenings benefactors I had the perfect opportunity to be near Cindy again. This time with no other duty to perform other than to myself than to see if there was something there to be pursued.

This was no time to be my normal distant self, so I moved right to Cindy’s side were my friends did me the service of a formal introduction. To my great surprise Cindy was familiar with some of the documentaries I had edited. Not only the scientific ones, but my political work as well. While chatting for a bit her insights led me to believe that she was not just being kind but had actually seen the work. We seemed to share common ground in some of our views with the added spice of pleasant divergence as well.

The hour was late, and our friends were tired from their busy day, so as we said our goodbyes I offered to walk Cindy to her car. As we were leaving the gallery I had an inspiration and suggested we have a coffee at the Bistro on the corner. I knew the area well since I lived in a high-rise just down the street. To my delectation she agreed without hesitation.

As we sipped coffee the conversation easily flowed. I can not relate what we spoke of because I was transfixed as Cindy’s gaze shared her insights, intelligence, and comfort with us being together. Dessert was ordered and savored as we shared bites from each others plate spoon feeding each other as if we had been dear for years. I knew I could not let the evening end here. Upon entering the brisk night air of autumn I drew this vision close and we shared a lingering kiss right in front of the Bistro. I said one word.


As we held each other close a knowing smile crossed her lips. Neither of us were thinking cocktails.

Once home on the 25th floor with the backdrop of the city lights framing the scene,  Cindy  began loosening her scarf with delicate fingers. She slowly lifted the garment that had concealed what I was now going to adore. The first hint of paradise was the stocking tops embracing shapely thighs.

Of course. Stockings!

This is a woman who is sensuous and enjoys the sumptuous details of the now. As the dress continued traversing the alabaster perfection that led to the manifestation of the bottom curves of shapely breasts, the words that would be repeated to each other many times till the sun came up crossed my lips...

“Don’t stop.”

P.S. She liked it

Yes she was showing off her stockings by hiking her dress a bit in her post 


Yes in the belligerent motif I seem to have taken this week in TMI land it indeed has TMW.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!
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