Thursday, February 18, 2016

Burping The Antichrist - 1. Undoomed

If a doctor makes a recommendation in the forest and only I am there, has that recommendation been made?

So call me a skeptic, but after a lifetime of avoiding and not feeling a need for fixing what is working, the only things that were broken were the things I went in to have remedied. That has been done and have no correlation to any other remedy offered. Of course the outrage of not being on a plethora of preventive salves, solvents, and high dollar potions caused a ripple in the research which could only be remedied by a barrage of high cost, low effect pharma.

But who can afford that shit. Nothing market place when the market place will not  bear such prices. A billion burgers would not have been served if their price was $35.95 since 1962. The scourge of Golden Arches across the globe would have been suffocated in it's baby birthing bun.

As I slowly ween myself off Big Pharma's preventative crack I realized once more that everything is OK until it isn't.

Meanwhile I shall chalk it up to very expensive pee that has passed under the bridge.

I and the world around me shall be the better for it.

Now back to the long awaited transacting of commerce.
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