Tuesday, June 1, 2010


There I was watching the news first thing in the morning which is certainly enough to make anyone a little queasy, but hey I have my coffee so everything will be O.K. At least I really don't think I will need the product that was being pitched to me via the airwaves anytime soon. They were doing the classic, you've got a problem, poor thing, but that's alright we can fix it for you with our drug. All well and good, except that the second half of this spot was the shill reading all the possible side effects. Of course I stress that possible is a key word. But back to our commercial. The montage of these happily drugged people continuing merrily on their way despite the voiceover backdrop of the looming implications of their continued drug use. Another telling warning was not to stop taking the drug quickly. Built in dependence and demand. Dare I say the perfect product with serious withdrawal implications.

So after hearing that list of maladies possibly caused by this little beauty I know I was depressed. But I cheered up immediately with the news story of a member of British royalty using the Pink Floyd defense of “I don’t know, I was really drunk at the time.” I felt much better then.

Life is a good and remember, “Without chemicals life itself would be impossible.”

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